Registration for the next Garage Sale is now CLOSED  Registrations will NOT be accepted until the month of sale. Please check our community calendar for our next scheduled sale.


Registration is required to participate in our Community Garage Sale. 

Garage Sales are only permitted in Rosewood Hill in the Spring and Fall as organized by the HOA.

To find the next date for the Community Garage Sale, be sure to check out the Community Calendar by clicking HERE.

Please complete the form below to participate in the upcoming Community Garage Sale. This form is required so that directional signs can be posted for your sale. 


Please do not "open" your sale before 8:00am. Please conclude your sale by Saturday, at 5:00pm. 


All signage for the Community Garage Sale will be placed and retrieved by Rosewood Hill HOA. No homeowner signage will be permitted at the entrance, along Rosewood Trail, Rosebud or Rosehollow Trail, or taped to any Rosewood Hill street sign. 


Thank you for participating!

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