Information for Title Companies

Rosewood Hill is a community comprised of single family homes. Title companies needing to verify the annual amount, and if HOA dues are current, should send their request via email (listed below), or fax to (936)372-9805 at least one week prior to closing.

The following is being provided for informational purposes ONLY. Individual account status should be verified through the method listed above.

  • Title Transfer Fee is currently set at $250.00
  • Refinance Fee is currently set at $75.00
  • Document Fee is set at $25.00/ea (For other documents not included in Resale Certificate)
  • Resale Certificate is currently set at $350.00 (see instructions below)
    • Updated Resale Certificate (30-180) of Original - $75.00
    • A new Resale Certificate must be purchased after 180 days
  • HOA Assessment Fees are billed Annually and due no later than January 31st of each year. For current annual assessment rate, please click here
  • Requests for Resale Certificate should be submitted to the Clerical Coordinator by emailing the request to or by telephone to 281-255-2733.  The current fee for Resale Certificates is $350.00 and must be paid in full and in advance prior to receipt regardless of whether or not the property closes. This fee is non-refundable.
  • Requests for other Association documents should be requested by emailing the request to and will require the non refundable $25.00 fee per document, and must be paid in advance prior to delivery.
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