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Welcome to Rosewood Hill Homeowner's Association in Tomball, TX

Welcome Home Rosewood Hill! You have reached the only OFFICIAL website of the Rosewood Hill Homeowner’s Association! Stay informed! Get Involved! It all starts HERE!   

Our Neighborhood – Our Website!


This site was developed by neighbors to help each homeowner of Rosewood Hill stay in touch with what is happening in or around our beloved Rosewood Hill Subdivision.  Be sure to register your email address so that you don't miss out on any important news or notifications! To help reduce costs, the HOA's preferred method of communication is via email.  Homeowner's have a duty to register and keep their email address current with the HOA per Section 209.0051 of the Texas Property Code.

Current and Noteworthy Events

New pool codes will be distributed soon! Watch your email! If you need to update your contact details, please contact us!

Next Board Meeting:

Want to learn more about our HOA Board of Directors? Want to ask the Board a question? Click here!

Notice is hereby given that the next meeting of the Rosewood Hill Board of Directors is scheduled at 7:00pm at the Decker Prairie Community Center located at 32434 Decker Prairie Rd; Magnolia, TX 77355 as dated below:

2024 Board Meeting Dates

2/20/2024, 4/23/2024, 7/16/2024, 10/16/2024, 12/17/2024

Detailed information is emailed to all members prior to the meeting date.

Check your email! All meeting information is sent via email so please keep your email address current with the Association!



The December meeting is reserved for our Annual Election. If you are interested in placing your name on the ballot for the Board of Directors, please click here to provide the Association with your name & address no later than November 1, 2024.

At any Board meeting, the board will consider and/or vote on matters concerning the daily management of the Association.  

In addition, the board may consider and/or vote on as necessary, either in the open portion of the meeting, or in special session:

– Vendor services or contracts; – Budget issues and association costs of operation;– Subdivision infrastructure;– Insurance issues; – Initiation of enforcement actions, including initiation of foreclosure actions, but excluding temporary restraining orders or violations involving a threat to health or safety; – Increases in assessments; – Levying of special assessments; – Appeals from a denial of architectural control approval; or – Suspension of a right of a particular owner.

*Election meetings will consist of the Election only

DON'T BE FOOLED! Soliciting is NOT permitted in Rosewood Hill and regardless of what the solicitor may tell you, Soliciting will not ever be approved or endorsed by the HOA.

If a solicitor approaches you, or your home, you have the right to tell them to leave the neighborhood immediately.

Please report any suspicious activity to the police.

New Resident?

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Texas Pride Disposal is the trash service for Rosewood Hill. Please click here for service days and other information regarding Texas Pride!

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