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Meet Our Directors


I am currently serving as the Rosewood Hill Board President. I oversee the business of the HOA as a whole, preside over our meetings as well as the Architectural Control Committee. I am a retired Houston Fire Department District Chief and have been married to my wife Cindy since 1970.  I have lived in Rosewood Hill since 1993 and have served on this Board on and off since 1999.


I currently serve as Vice President of the Board.  I joined the board in 2015 as a result of one of the members moving from our community.  I have worked primarily on the long range planning goals and future of Rosewood Hill.  I am fiscally responsible and my goal is to ensure the continued property value and desirability of Rosewood Hill.  I work with the Board as a whole by working in whatever capacity may be needed. My wife, son and I moved to Rosewood Hill in December of 2007.  We have been very grateful to have wonderful neighbors and love living in Rosewood Hill.


I currently serve as the Secretary / Treasurer of the Rosewood Hill Board.  I work with the other Directors by developing our annual budget as well serving on our ACC committee and assisting the Vice President with the maintenance of our common areas. I have lived in Rosewood Hill since 2010. I am a lifetime resident of the Cypress and Tomball communities.  Many of you know me through my business, Herring Home Services. I am a general contractor with a vast array of experience in both residential & commercial construction and land development.  My wife Monica and I have been married since 1998 and have three children.


I joined the Rosewood Hill Board of Directors in 2015.  I serve as the Activities Director of Rosewood Hill.  I oversee our annual events such as the Egg Hunt and Breakfast with Santa. My wife and I moved to Rosewood Hill in 2012.


I was born in Katy, TX and went to Katy High School.  I graduated from Sam Houston State University in 1998. 

My wife and I and our four children moved to Rosewood Hill in 2014.  

I own a recycling plastics company - Olympick Recycling, which I started in 2012. 

My family has enjoyed living in Rosewood Hill. I currently serve as Member at Large and work with the Board to make it a better community for us all.   


My husband and I started our heavy highway construction business in 1996. Since that time, we have grown our company and work primarily for TxDOT. My role in my company is I oversee all contract negotiations, tax preparation, project budgeting, and all other financial aspects of our business. My husband and I moved to Rosewood Hill in 2000. I became first involved in the community by attending HOA meetings and assisting with the common areas improvement planning.  Because of my business background, in March of 2005 I was approached by the then Board President, Joe Sampson, to become the Clerical Coordinator for Rosewood Hill. I met with the Board of Directors at that time, and after prayerful consideration, accepted the position and have loved it ever since.  I love the community of Rosewood Hill and our "small town" environment. I enjoy working for the Board of Directors for the betterment of our community and am involved with other community organizations including TOMAGWA and the Tomball Pregnancy Center.

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